albuquerque zen aikido classes - street violence jumble** NEW SESSION **
Albuquerque Zen Aikido Classes Summer 2017
Registration Closes After the Next Class
(Or Wait for the Fall Session in August)

What would you do if you were confronted (on an Albuquerque street or in your home) by someone striking at your head and neck? Now what would you do if there were two or three attackers? Learn to calmly face any number of attackers. You can! It's all part of the beauty, power and grace that is Aikido. And you can get your Aikido training jump started in these upcoming Albuquerque Zen Aikido classes.

Many consider Aikido the highest form of all the martial arts. It is an effective multi-attacker self-defense without depending on strength or speed, punching or kicking. But only, only if you can relax and calm your mind and react spontaneously to the attackers before you. Easy to say, hard to do ... but right up the alley of someone who has Zen training. And you will get that Zen training here.

Join us for the Albuquerque Zen Aikido Classes Summer 2017 Session starting the week of May 22nd. The session lasts thirteen weeks, with two classes per week and an optional Open Mat on Sundays. And for this summer session, you can mix and match noon and evening classes. Note that registration absolutely closes Tuesday May 30th.

Noon Classes
Mondays and Wednesdays
11:30 - 12:50 PM
First class Monday May 22nd.
(This class is also great for retirees.)

Evening Classes
Tuesdays and Thursdays
6:00 - 7:20 PM
First class Tuesday May 23rd.
(This class fills quickly.)

For the Albuquerque Zen Aikido Classes Summer 2017 Session,
we will be studying the slashing strike.

Traditional Aikido instruction focuses on about a dozen well-defined attacks and each session we focus a full thirteen weeks on a different one. In this session, we will be studying the attack often called 'yokomen-uchi'. Here, the attacker strikes the neck area. There are several reasons to study this attack.

  • albuquerque zen aikido classes - head strikeAs a street attack this type of attack is often done with a weapon, usually a knife. And in many respects it resembles a classic roundhouse punch.
  • This attack teaches students how to move inside of a strike as well as how to move outside its reach.
  • But most importantly, by focusing all thirteen weeks on just the slashing strike, for the last three weeks of the class you will get to apply what you've learned in freestyle practice (randori). Most other schools reserve this type of training for advanced students and some schools never practice randori. It's challenging - but you can do it! This is what you want from a martial art.

Are Zen Aikido Classes for you?

  • albuquerque zen aikido classes - drawing swordHave you always been attracted to the martial arts?
  • Have you studied another martial art or studied at a another Aikido school and felt that something just wasn't right?
  • Do you want to learn a true self-defense - not just fighting? (Here's a little discussion on the difference.)
  • Are you looking to stay in shape or get back into shape, but the gym, the jogging and the stationary bike just don't cut it?
  • Are you looking for a challenging pursuit of mastery, yet something beyond kicking and punching?
  • Are you retired yet still active? Check out the noon class times and here's some additional info for you.
  • Do you want to learn how to quiet your mind - really quiet your mind? (See what the US Army is experimenting with.)
  • Zen students, do you want to add a more physical dimension to your practice?

Albuquerque Zen Aikido Classes are suitable for both men and women of all ages and mature teens. I have seen an Aikido student in his 80's - so keep an open mind. You may want to look at a few student comments. Also, if you have an interest but have some concerns, you can always send me an e-mail.

What you will learn in this thirteen weeks …

albuquerque zen aikido classes - zen aikido jumbleAfter completing the Albuquerque Zen Aikido Classes Summer 2017 Session, you will be able to -

  • Demonstrate the traditional Aikido warmup set studied world-wide (wrist stretches, shoulder stretches, footwork and balance drills).
  • Fall safely - forwards and backwards.
  • Demonstrate ten traditional defenses to the slashing strike.
  • Calmly face one, two and three attackers in a freestyle format. You will!
  • Sit zazen (traditional seated Zen mediation) for twenty minutes.

From another school, another style?

Do you sometimes feel you're doing the same 10 or 20 throws and pins over and over and over and over? When I was in the Shin-Budo Kai organization, our primary curriculum was about 30 well defined techniques. For Both Hands Clapping, it is nearly 350. How often do you get randori? Over the course of a thirteen week session, a full three weeks are spent in randori. If you're looking for a constant challenge, this is the place. (Of course, not everyone is.)

We are more than happy to accept your current rank. If you are not sure about our style of Aikido or if you are uncertain whether Zen training is for you, you can check out the Open Mat Sunday. We are always happy to answer your questions and address your concerns - stop by before or after class or email me

What does it cost?

  • aikidoStandard enrollment: $60 / month (for the 3 months, or a one-time payment of $165).
  • Discounted enrollment*: $45 / month (for the 3 months, or a one-time payment of $120).
  • New student offer: A one-time payment of $120.

* Discounts apply to military, police and fire department staff (and their families), students, teachers, additional family members and retirees.

"What will I need?"

Loose fitting clothes are all you need to get started. Also, realize that every Aikido throw involves the attacker taking a gentle fall and ending up on the mat, so there is quite a bit of up and down. In no time your back will be loose and your legs strong.

"I'm nterested, but I just can't do the summer session."

zen aikido classesWe know that the summer session often conflicts with family activities - vacations and such. Our next session will start in late August. Click here to receive notices of this upcoming session. Finally, here is a post with more info, including a list of other Aikido dojos that may fit your schedule better.

Ready to Register?

  • Below you can register and pay for the session on-line. That will absolutely guarantee you a spot in this class session.
  • You can also reserve a spot in either session by leaving a comment below.
  • Of course, you are welcome to just show up for the first class. This might be a little dicey for the evening class, as we do expect it to fill up early.
  • Finally, be aware that registration ends with the start of the third class (the second week).

Pay Registration Fees Here (and you can always pay in person - cash or check)

On-line payment is best if you want to guarantee yourself a spot in a class. You can pay the full amount (all 13 weeks) and save a few dollars, or pay by the month. ** New students must pay the full amount to be eligible for the new student discount. **  See below where you will have four choices:

  1. New students who want to take advantage of the new student discount by paying in full.
  2. Returning students who want to save some hassle (and a few bucks) by paying in full.
  3. New or returning students who want to pay by the month.
  4. Purchase a gi or weapons. (Neither is needed for new students.)

Note, you do not have to have a PayPal account to pay through this method.

New Students - Pay In Full

Returning Students - Pay in Full

Gis / Weapons

All Students - Pay by Month


Be sure to check out our 'About BHC' page. And don't hesitate to leave a comment or question. Also, you can always e-mail me directly. Lastly, you can subscribe here to automatically receive notices of upcoming classes.



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    Kevin Bryant March 31, 2017

    Hi Jim,

    I’d like to reserve a spot in the Monday/Wednesday class. Thanks for adding this time slot again.

    • Reply
      Jim Redel March 31, 2017

      Hi Kevin,
      I will pencil you in. Hope everything is well with you.

  2. Reply
    Georgie Evans May 12, 2017

    Would like to to hear more at a later time.

    • Reply
      Jim Redel May 12, 2017

      I will add you to our mailing list

  3. Reply
    Dan Morrow May 13, 2017

    Is there bicycle parking at the Dojo?

    • Reply
      Jim Redel May 14, 2017

      Hey Dan,
      I ride my bike every day, just bring it into the dojo, there’s plenty o’ room.

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