For information on the upcoming  Fall Zen and Aikido Class … follow this link.

For new visitors, this is primarily a working site to let students know what we covered if they have to miss a class. If you scroll through the posts, you will see that they are all class summaries, most of which include a video …

We are a unique Albuquerque Aikido school in that we combine both Zen and Aikido training into a single curriculum – integrating zazen (seated Zen meditation) into every Aikido class. We certainly urge you to look around. If you are absolutely new to Aikido, check out the About Aikido page. If you want to know a bit more about Zen and Aikido, check out the About BHC page. Read student comments here.

Note that we only accept new students four times a year and our next window for enrollment will be the summer session starting in mid-May. You can follow this link for more info.Our noon class is tailored to the ‘over 50’ crowd, and you can find more info about that class here.

Aikido is a great martial art … combining Zen and Aikido is the ultimate. If you can’t wait until May to start your training in Zen and Aikido, here are several other Albuquerque Aikido schools that you may want to look into. (Not all offer Zen training.)

Always happy to answer any of your questions, you can leave a comment or see the Contact page. You are certainly welcome to observe a class. This past winter session filled completely, so you can e-mail me to request a spot on the waiting list for the upcoming spring session. Last, you can subscribe here to receive notices of all upcoming classes

Thanks for your interest in Both Hands Clapping. Jim Redel

Evening Class – Thursday March 5th


Evening Class – Tuesday March 3rd


Open Mat Sunday February 22nd: Yokomen-uchi Sayu-nage


Evening Class – Thursday February 26th


Evening Class – Tuesday February 24th


Open Mat Sunday February 22nd: Yokomen-uchi Shiho-nage


Evening Class – Tuesday February 17th


Open Mat Sunday February 15th: Yokomen-uchi Ude-nage


Winter Session Demonstration


Open Mat Sunday January 18th: Kata-tori Sankyo