Zen Aikido Classes in Albuquerque

Albququerque Aikido KanjiFor information on the upcoming Zen Aikido Classes Summer 2017 Session

We are a unique Albuquerque Aikido school in that we combine traditional Zen practice and classic Aikido instruction into a single curriculum. So, in every class we sit zazen (seated Zen meditation) and we train in Aikido.

Please realize that this is a working site – we use this first page blog to keep our Albuquerque students updated with class summaries, instructional material and ‘musings’. But, there is plenty for you read as well. So, feel free to poke around.

If you are new to Aikido, check out the About Aikido page. For more about the thinking behind Zen Aikido Classes, check out the About BHC page. You can read student comments here. If you are new to Albuquerque, we are located in the Northeast Heights, near Juan Tabo and Copper. We partner with a judo club. And you can find us at:

Albuquerque Judokai / Both Hands Clapping Aikido
670 Juan Tabo NE, Suite G
Albuquerque, 293-5836

Another unique part of Both Hands Clapping Aikido is that we base our Zen Aikido classes on thirteen week sessions. So, we only accept new students four times a year. For you, our next session will be the Summer 2017 Session starting in mid-May. You can follow this link for more info.

Aikido is a great martial art. And combining Zen and Aikido into every class is the ultimate. But Zen Aikido classes aren’t for everyone. So, if you can’t wait until May to start your Aikido training or you are just not interested in seeing how Zen meditation is vital to Aikido training, here are several other Albuquerque Aikido schools that you may want to look into.

Albuquerque Aikido - HakamaOther Albuquerque Aikido Schools (not all include Zen instruction)

We try to keep this list up-to-date, but if you think there may be another Aikido dojo in the area, here’s a search you can use:
AikiWeb: Aikido Information

Finally, I an always happy to answer any and all of your questions. You are most certainly welcome to come see a class, to see how we integrate Zen into Aikido – and we can talk. While it is always best in person, I do respond promptly to questions through e-mail. Last, you can subscribe here to receive notices of all upcoming classes

Thank you for your interest in Both Hands Clapping Aikido.
Jim Redel

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