Aikido and Zen Open Mat Sunday

Join us for a Aikido and Zen Open Mat Sunday from 11:00 – 12:30. For BHC students,this is a great chance to get some extra practice, to make up a missed class or to get a chance to work with students not in your normal class and with students from different styles. And for non-BHC folks, here is a chance for you to also feel a different style of Aikido, to get some extra practice as well and to see how to integrate classic Zen practice into your current Aikido training. Note: we do expect you to have a basic Aikido background, but not necessarily zazen experience. Zazen instruction is available from 10:30 – 10:50.

Aikido and Zen Open Mat Sunday  Schedule:

  • open mat sunday10:30: Zazen instruction begins (as necessary)
  • 10:50: Zazen instruction ends
  • 10:45: Participants arriving, changing, stretching
  • 11:00: Zazen starts
  • 11:20: Zazen ends
  • 11:20¬† Aikido bow in and short warm-up (rolling back and forth and a light footwork drill)
  • 11:30: Aikido instruction and practice (starting slow, because of abbreviated warmup)
  • 12:15: Randori (free style) in groups of 3 or 4, by rank
  • 12:30: Bow out

Aikido and Zen Open Mat Sunday is free for all BHC students. The open mat is also free for non-BHC high school and college students, teachers, retirees, military, law enforcement and fire fighters. For all others, please expect a $5 mat fee. In addition, all will need to have a signed standard release form on file. Finally, depending on the mix of people, these sessions will generally be light on instruction and heavy on practice.

One last thing, you can receive notices of upcoming classes and open mats by subscribing to our mailing list (here).

Note: Aikido and Zen Open Mat Sunday is held at Albuquerque Judokai, 670 Juan Tabo NE, Suite G (at Copper). Prepare to come for the entire 90 minutes (both zazen and Aikido).

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