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Class times - keep calm and practice AikidoAikido and Zen Class

Albuquerque Aikido and Zen classes combine traditional Aikido training with zazen (seated meditation). These classes are 'open classes', which means they can be attended by BHC members of all skill levels. It is in these classes that students hone their basic skills, basic throws, basic pins, basic falling and basic rolling. Zen Aikido classes are held at both noon and in the evenings. Students can mix and match noon and evening classes to fit their schedule.

Noon: Mondays and Wednesdays

11:30 - 12:50PM

Evenings: Tuesdays and Thursdays

6:00 -   7:20PM

Advanced Aikido and Zen Class

Advanced Zen Aikido is a 'restricted' class, available to members ranked 3rd kyu and above. By the time you reach 3rd kyu, you have a sufficient base of throws, pins and rolling skills to meet the demands of learning and practicing advanced throws and pins. In addition to training in unarmed techniques, students are also introduced to defenses against weapons - the sword, the staff and the knife. And lastly, students practice executing throws and pins while actually holding weapons - particularly the staff and the knife. Good fun awaits you. The sooner you start your Aikido training, the sooner you are eligible for the Advanced Zen Aikido class. For most students, you can attain the rank of 3rd kyu and start advanced training in about 15 months or so.

Evenings: Tuesdays

7:25 - 8:15

Aikido Weapons Class

Aikido Weapons is a 'restricted' class, available to members who have completed at least one Zen Aikido session. Like many martial arts, Aikido is a balance of structure and flow. For many other arts, structure and flow are investigated within specific forms (kata). At Both Hands Clapping Aikido, we examine the nature of structure and flow with our weapons training. And for many Aikido schools, weapons forms are like pictures that one learns and then puts on the shelf to admire. For us, weapons forms are tools hanging on the wall above our Aikido bench. These are tools that we so very often take down and use to polish our Aikido throws and pins.

Evenings: Thursdays:

7:25 - 8:15 PM

Open Mat Sunday

Open Mat Sunday is open to to Aikidoists of all styles. We request nominal $5 donation for all non-BHC members. We expect participants to have a basic Aikido background - can recognize basic Aikido techniques. For those who need it, instruction in zazen (seated meditation) is available at 10:30 and takes about 20 minutes.


11AM - 12:30PM

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