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Fantastic instruction at a small dojo with mostly adult students.

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The blend of Zazen with Aikido is amazing

I am a 74 year old female student. Also a practicing Zen Buddhist. I have just finished my first 13 week class of Aikido training! The blend of Zazen (zen meditation) with the Aikido is amazing. I have signed-up for a second 13 week class. So, even if your older. .. don't let age get in the way of your exploring Aikido.


Aikido at Both Hands Clapping is so much more than simply learning moves

Along with well rounded instruction, where beginners practice along side more experienced students, classes finish with zen meditation. Who thought learning aikido would start me on a path to calming my mind. The instructor clearly puts a lot of thought and effort into teaching, working hard to provide clear instruction and feedback.

Colleen Koenig


“Being able to take on 2 or more attackers after a month of classes, amazing…” That’s what I thought to myself. Being a newbie at aikido, the structure of BHC classes is perfect way to learn the art.

Lam Banh

Great class, great instructor

There are two things that make this class great - zazen (meditation) and the instructor. The zazen brings a spiritual aspect to class which is something that I was looking for. And the instructor is not only an Aikido master but an excellent teacher. He has a very practical approach, always considering how the techniques would be used in a real situation. More importantly, he has dissected each throw and can describe the critical parts of the throw using easily understood analogies like "make them banana". Great class!

Paul Reinhardt

Because I'm a student too ...

It's so very nice to see students of so many ages and skill levels working together to learn this subtle, complex art. I thoroughly enjoy training with every one ... you will too.

Jim Redel

Learn an awesome martial art...safely

Having "lived more than half a century" (as my daughter likes to remind me), I was searching for a martial art that had practical applications for defense, and a spiritual/meditative aspect, without taking a major toll on my body. The answer: Aikido at Both Hands Clapping. Aikido is such a powerful and graceful martial art; Jim conducts every class with an emphasis on actual applications of the techniques, with safety being paramount. If you ever wondered about studying Aikido...try a class and you'll be hooked!

Paul McDonald

Zen and Aikido in the same class ...

I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to sit in meditation and train in aikido within the same environment.The learning opportunity is also present as I improved a technique that I was not quite sure of (kote-kaeshi). And.....I am sure that those opportunities will continue in a solid growth direction. Thanks , Thomas

Thomas Kurucz

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